Soul Sessions


Do you know who you are? Do you understand the gifts that you carry and the reason you have chosen to incarnate? Are you ready to walk through a doorway on your path and discover a deeper aspect of your true essence? I am passionate about my work because I help people tap into their own greatness. It is an honor for me to reflect back to you that which shines forth from your own soul.

Every session is unique. Sometimes the focus is on healing and releasing painful memories from the past, other times the focus is on aligning to higher purpose and life mission. Connecting with your Soul, we allow it to Guide us.

We will discuss your intent and align our hearts to bring forth the information and experience that you desire.

Depending on where the client is on their journey and what is of most importance to them, one can expect healing, activation, alignments and initiations to occur during the session.

To Prepare for a Private Session

To make the most of your session it is suggested that you spend some time contemplating your intent before we meet. Write down questions for us to discuss.

Search your heart for the areas of life that need balance and guidance.

Before we begin we will discuss your notes. Then I suggest that you put the paper aside and join me on the journey into your soul. Allow yourself to release the list and stay present.  Sometimes the Soul is calling you forth for reasons unknown to you. Often times a person is guided to have a reading for reasons other then what they prepared on their list. Being open and allowing the session to flow can produce miracles and experiences beyond your expectations.

There will be plenty of time to ask more questions and we will revisit your list before closing.  You may record the session with your own equipment.  Much of the blessings are in energetic attunements and alignments so stay present, open and receptive and enjoy the journey!

Water  Energetic and emotional work can be clearing for your system, drink plenty of water afterwards to help wash away the heavy energies without as many symptoms of release within your body.

Salt baths – are also a great way to purify the body.  They clear our mind, body and soul of heavy frequencies. From body aches and pains to emotional stress and fatigue, electromagnetic pollution and chemical toxins, Salt baths rid us of all this and more! When doing emotional clearing or energy work a salt bath is great before and after a session. The salts mineral structure works with the energy field to recalibrate and balance the energies.

Phone Readings

When we are meeting via the telephone, a quiet environment without distraction is important. Please do not have radios, TV, telephones or computers on during the reading. If you are sharing a space with others ask that you are not disturbed for the hour. Unless it is a couples or family reading, it is best to be alone in the room so that I am only picking up your energies.

Preparing a sacred setting will allow you to quiet your mind and open your heart. Burning sage or incense will clear the room and open your intuition. Low light with a candle is soothing to the soul. The more open and relaxed you are, the deeper we can go during your reading. As it is with an in-person reading, please stay present and do not focus on taking notes. We will record the conversation for your review.

I look forward to connecting with you. Wishing you peace and blessings on your journey.



Soul Session Pricing

1-hour – $150
30-minutes – $80

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Nana has the wonderful gift of channeling loving entities from other realms who want so much to connect with us to offer love and guidance during our journey here on Earth. Of the many “readings” I’ve had during the past 40 years, my session with Nana was more meaningful than I ever could have imagined.” Sharon Collins, Palm Harbor, Fl

Nana’s channeling session gave me insights into my self, my father, and my spirit and angel guides. She helped me understand my purpose, and to know who to ask for guidance in the angelic realm. The session helped me expand my mind and gave me insight into the future. Sue Getz, Palm Harbor, Fl

“I just wanted to tell you that since that session I’m finding myself handling difficult situations much better, standing up for myself and having an opinion and actually saying what that is…I guess I’m “flowing” with all of myself much better in the last few weeks. So, I just wanted to Thank you for doing what you do and to let you know that you’ve made a lovely difference in my life. I am very grateful!!! Best wishes to you in your life!”
Kathy Taylor, Raleigh, NC

After having a session with Nana, I realized I had not only met a master, but the mentor I had been praying for. Her commitment to spirit is solid and constant. She lives it. And her nonjudgmental and compassionate perspective on people causes one to feel safe and free to experience what is needed in their session with her. In a nutshell, she is one of the clearest and most accurate channels and intuits I’ve ever experienced. She seems to draw on very evolved energies that only a master would have the capacity to work with on a routine basis. I have described her to friends and loved ones as a woman who is on the cutting edge of evolution and ascension. She bypasses mumbo jumbo, and zeros in on core issues or activations that need to take place. She is a highway of light, a forerunner for all of us. Heather Tankersley Safety Harbor, Fl