Relationship Guidance

s1The most important relationship is the one you are having with yourself.  All other relationships are a reflection of this connection you have to your own inner being.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or in transition from one, this work will help you understand how you can live more authentic, alive and free in your life.  You can enjoy and celebrate the person that you are in all of your relationships, even with difficult family members or coworkers.

Our relationships are our arenas for growth.  Often the most challenging ones are the biggest growth opportunities.  However, we must have the tools and personal insights to use the relationship consciously.

We must become whole within ourselves and truly love who we are before we can be in a healthy relationship and truly love another. We must honor and respect ourselves before we can work in harmony, honor and respect with others.

This work will help you see all of your relationships, even and especially the challenging ones, as gifts in your life.  You can celebrate your differences with others.  Like the rainbow, you can have contrast without conflict.  It is all in how you look at it and particpate from an awakened state where you relate differently.

Relationship Guidance is a wholistic approach to healing the divide inside of your own being so that you can relate to others in a consious way.  Whether you are an individual, couple, family or co-workers, your Souls will guide this process to lead us to the core issues that need to be addressed and healed to set you free to truly enjoy the way you are relating to life and everybody around you!

Relationship Sessions are $155 /hour.  Package prices are available for three or more sessions.

To schedule, please call Nana at 828.337.5512 or email



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