Healing Sessions

stones_90681478Healing Sessions are powerful journeys into your body, mind, emotions and soul to find the areas of dis-ease and heal them from the core.  These sessions are highly effective in healing all forms of dis-harmony.

The sessions are done in a light trance state where your sub-conscious can reveal the deepest blockages that are contributing to the illness.  Whether you are suffering from a physical ailment, an emotional crises or a mental overload, this work will help you find peace and balance again in your life.

Your body can heal itself.  It carries the original blueprint of ultimate health.  When balance is lost, we get sick.  To heal, we must regain balance.

Your Soul will guide this work.  Your Soul knows the quickest route to health and harmony.

Love yourself enough to have a balanced healthy life and body!

Sessions are 2-hours long and cost $255.

Package plans are availble at discounted rates for extended treatments.

To Schedule call Nana at 828.337.5512 or email NanaHendricks@gmail.com


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