DNAlight-1Everything you are, ever were, and will ever be, is stored in the library of your DNA.  It is the Quantum Record Keeper of your Soul’s journey! 

DNA and Lightbody Activations are powerful infusions of energy that work within the Quantum Realm of your biology to initiate system-wide transformation.  Universal Light and Crystal Encoded Frequencies are transmitted via the DNA and broadcast throughout your system to release and dismantle lower vibrating programs and beliefs.   DNA Activations also ignite the higher states of consciousness that are dormant within your field of perception. 

 Once these limiting constructs are released from your consciousness you begin to ascend back into the higher levels of self-awareness and Knowing.  You are free to raise your consciousness back into a state of Oneness. You no longer perceive yourself as separate from your own Divine Essence, you become One with your Soul and experience the world through Unity Consciousness.

Everything is made up of energy.   When transformation takes place on the quantum energetic level, it affects the whole system.  

Nana has worked with many ascended beings: Angels, Ancestors and Star Elders.  During your session, you are supported by your Universal Light Consiousness and most importantly…your own radiant soul!

Sessions are done via telephone.  We recommend that you are hands free with a headset or speakerphone and that you are reclining in a receptive position.  You are welcome to record the call on your end or we can utilize our free conference line and record it for you.  You will receive an mp3 file via email after the call. 


    DNA & Lightbody Activations


$133 Session

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Sessions are available

Tuesday – Friday 10am-4pm  &  7pm-10pm ET

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“All I can say is Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!   As a matter of fact after we were done last night I ran around the house saying thank you for several minutes. I can’t even describe how I felt during the activation, I guess bliss would be the closest thing that comes to  mind. I feel like a totally different, better version of myself this morning!” ~ Galia Walberg.  San Diego, CA

Nana is an amazing gift to this planet!  I am so thankful she shares her gifts and steps over fear to be a servant of God’s love and light!  My DNA activation was amazing!  It really was unsureal and I often look back on the information she gave me to see what all happened:)  I definitely felt different and I actually could feel physical shifts in my spleen chakra after it happened.  I know each day through my experiences my DNA is shifting and being activated.  I think we should all take the opportunity to heal as many layers as we can while we are here on Earth so that we don’t have to take it with us and we can be better stewards of God’s love and light.  Thanks Nana for making that possible!”   ~Kim Baldwin, GA

“Nana Hendricks has led me down amazing spiritual paths . . . beyond even my active imagination. My last teaching session with her included my DNA Activation.  She gently, and definitely powerfully, had my team of guides impact my body in a totally inclusive and spiritually expanding manner. I spent several days after the activation going deeper and deeper within myself. I found a new aliveness and conceptual ability that was totally transforming for me.  The “remembering” process was truly impacted. Connections are made through incredibly new and precious metaphors. I have also entered unknown territory. She is the perfect teacher for me.”

~ Anne Darling,  NC
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