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                                                      SOUL SESSIONS

Death and Transformation11Do you know who you are? Do you understand the gifts that you carry and the reason you have chosen to incarnate? Are you ready to walk through a doorway on your path and discover a deeper aspect of your true essence? I am passionate about my work because I help people tap into their own greatness. It is an honor for me to reflect back to you that which shines forth from your own soul.

Every session is unique. Sometimes the focus is on healing and releasing painful memories from the past, other times the focus is on aligning to higher purpose and life mission. Connecting with your Soul, we allow it to Guide us.

We will discuss your intent and align our hearts to bring forth the information and experience that you desire.

Depending on where the client is on their journey and what is of most importance to them, one can expect healing, activations, alignments and initiations to occur during the session.




stones_90681478Healing Sessions are powerful journeys into your body, mind, emotions and soul to find the areas of dis-ease and heal them from the core. These sessions are highly effective in healing all forms of dis-harmony.

The sessions are done in a light trance state where your sub-conscious can reveal the deepest blockages that are contributing to the illness. Whether you are suffering from a physical ailment, an emotional crises or a mental overload, this work will help you find peace and balance again in your life.

Your body can heal itself. It carries the original blueprint of ultimate health. When balance is lost, we get sick. To heal, we must regain balance.

Your Soul will guide this work. Your Soul knows the quickest route to restore health and harmony.





s1The most important relationship is the one you are having with yourself. All other relationships are a relection of this connection you have to your own inner being.

Whether you are single, in a relationship or in transition from one, this work will help you understand how you can live more authentic, alive and free in your life. You can enjoy and celebrate the person that you are in all of your relationships, even with difficult family members or coworkers.

Our relationships are our arenas for growth. Often the most challenging ones are the biggest growth opportunities. However, we must have the tools and personal insights to use the relationship consciously.

We must become whole within ourselves and truly love who we are before we can be in a healthy relationship and truly love another. We must honor and respect ourselves before we can work in harmony, honor and respect with others.

This work will help you see all of your relationships, even and especially the challenging ones, as gifts in your life. You can celebrate your differences with others. Like the rainbow, you can have contrast without conflict. It is all in how you look at it and particpate from an awakened state where you relate differently.

Relationship Guidance is a wholistic approach to healing the divide inside of your own being so that you can relate to others in a consious way. Whether you are an individual, couple, family or co-workers, your Souls will guide this process to lead us to the core issues that need to be addressed and healed to set you free to truly enjoy the way you are relating to life and everybody around you!





DNAlight-1Everything you are, ever were, and will ever be, is stored in the library of your DNA. It is the Quantum Record Keeper of your Soul’s journey!

DNA and Lightbody Activations are powerful infusions of energy that work within the Quantum Realm of your biology to initiate system-wide transformation. Universal Light and Crystal Encoded Frequencies are transmitted via the DNA and broadcast throughout your system to release and dismantle lower vibrating programs and beliefs. DNA Activations also ignite the higher states of consciousness that are dormant within your field of perception.

Once these limiting constructs are released from your consciousness you begin to ascend back into the higher levels of self-awareness and Knowing. You are free to raise your consciousness back into a state of Oneness. You no longer perceive yourself as separate from your own Divine Essence, you become One with your Soul and experience the world through Unity Consciousness.

Everything is made up of energy. When transformation takes place on the quantum energetic level, it affects the whole system.

Nana has worked with many ascended beings: Angels, Ancestors and Star Elders. During your session, you are supported by your Universal Light Consiousness and most importantly…your own radiant soul!





Spiritual Mentoring


With direct guidance from your Soul, we will explore each layer of consciousness that is anchored within you so that you can gain the hidden gifts and treasures that you carry. When we align with this intention and allow the Soul to lead – transformation is accelerated.

In LFS I ~ we move beyond our history and cross the bridge into the New Paradigm. We all have our stories, but the soul is beyond human experience. It knows the truth of our Presence. It will serve us to return to this knowing and release the faulty perspectives that tarnish our filter systems so that we can see clearly again and live from that Radiant Divine Presence within.

In LFS II ~ you are free from the old matrix of duality consciousness and living in the New World. Here we anchor you fully with a new life path, your passions and purpose fully expressed and your self- awareness expanding into unity consciousness. Your “I Am Presence” now has the lead and you are free to enjoy a life created from a state of mastery that moves you into being the unlimited Cosmic Being that you are naturally! This program ends with a journey back into the embrace of Omni Presence so that you know your origin, your divine nature and the Creator Source that is constantly flowing through all aspects of you. You are changing the world you live in and creating Heaven on Earth. 






“All I can say is Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! As a matter of fact after we were done last night I ran around the house saying thank you for several minutes. I can’t even describe how I felt during the activation, I guess bliss would be the closest thing that comes to mind. I feel like a totally different, better version of myself this morning!” ~ Galia Walberg. San Diego, CA


Nana is an amazing gift to this planet! I am so thankful she shares her gifts and steps over fear to be a servant of God’s love and light! My DNA activation was amazing! It really was unsureal and I often look back on the information she gave me to see what all happened:) I definitely felt different and I actually could feel physical shifts in my spleen chakra after it happened. I know each day through my experiences my DNA is shifting and being activated. I think we should all take the opportunity to heal as many layers as we can while we are here on Earth so that we don’t have to take it with us and we can be better stewards of God’s love and light. Thanks Nana for making that possible!” ~Kim Baldwin, GA

“Nana Hendricks has led me down amazing spiritual paths . . . beyond even my active imagination. My last teaching session with her included my DNA Activation. She gently, and definitely powerfully, had my team of guides impact my body in a totally inclusive and spiritually expanding manner. I spent several days after the activation going deeper and deeper within myself. I found a new aliveness and conceptual ability that was totally transforming for me. The “remembering” process was truly impacted. Connections are made through incredibly new and precious metaphors. I have also entered unknown territory. She is the perfect teacher for me.”

~ Anne Darling, NC
Nana has the wonderful gift of channeling loving entities from other realms who want so much to connect with us to offer love and guidance during our journey here on Earth. Of the many “readings” I’ve had during the past 40 years, my session with Nana was more meaningful than I ever could have imagined.” Sharon Collins, Palm Harbor, FlNana’s channeling session gave me insights into my self, my father, and my spirit and angel guides. She helped me understand my purpose, and to know who to ask for guidance in the angelic realm. The session helped me expand my mind and gave me insight into the future. Sue Getz, Palm Harbor, Fl“I just wanted to tell you that since that session I’m finding myself handling difficult situations much better, standing up for myself and having an opinion and actually saying what that is…I guess I’m “flowing” with all of myself much better in the last few weeks. So, I just wanted to Thank you for doing what you do and to let you know that you’ve made a lovely difference in my life. I am very grateful!!! Best wishes to you in your life!”
Kathy Taylor, Raleigh, NC After having a session with Nana, I realized I had not only met a master, but the mentor I had been praying for. Her commitment to spirit is solid and constant. She lives it. And her nonjudgmental and compassionate perspective on people causes one to feel safe and free to experience what is needed in their session with her. In a nutshell, she is one of the clearest and most accurate channels and intuits I’ve ever experienced. She seems to draw on very evolved energies that only a master would have the capacity to work with on a routine basis. I have described her to friends and loved ones as a woman who is on the cutting edge of evolution and ascension. She bypasses mumbo jumbo, and zeros in on core issues or activations that need to take place. She is a highway of light, a forerunner for all of us. Heather Tankersley Safety Harbor, Fl

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