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With direct guidance from your Soul, we will explore each layer of consciousness that is anchored within you so that you can gain the hidden gifts and treasures that you carry. When we align with this intention and allow the Soul to lead – transformation is accelerated.

In LFS I ~ we move beyond our history and cross the bridge into the New Paradigm.  We all have our stories, but the soul is beyond human experience. It knows the truth of our Presence. It will serve us to return to this knowing and release the faulty perspectives that tarnish our filter systems so that we can see clearly again and live from that Radiant Divine Presence within.

In LFS II ~ you are free from the old matrix of duality consciousness and living in the New World.  Here we anchor you fully with a new life path, your passions and purpose fully expressed and your self- awareness expanding into unity consciousness.  Your “I Am Presence” now has the lead and you are free to enjoy a life created from a state of mastery that moves you into being the unlimited Cosmic Being that you are naturally!  This program ends with a journey back into the embrace of Omni Presence so that you know your origin, your divine nature and the Creator Source that is constantly flowing through all aspects of you.  You are changing the world you live in and creating Heaven on Earth.


Living from Soul – Program I

Session I – Healing Seed Belief in Separation
Parent, Family, Inner Child Dynamics
Initiation: Peace & Stillness

Session II – Freeing the Imprisioned /Caged Soul
Releasing all Fear Constructs / Karma
Initiation: Surrender & Acceptance

Session III – Embracing Androgony
Resolving Conflict between Masculine & Feminine
Intuition: Balance, Wholeness & Unity

Session IV – Expanding Light Body Awareness
Activating Mer-ka-ba Field
Initiation: Integrating Spiritual Gifts

Session V – Complete Immersion of Soul Purpose
Designing New Life Plan
Initiation – Living from Soul


Living from Soul – Program II

Session VI – The Joys of Life
Living in the New Paradigm, New Earth Path
Initiation:  Passions & Purpose

Session VII – New Earth Relationships
Discovery Your Beloved, Sacred Contracts
Initiation: Kundalini Activation

Session VIII – Mastering your Mastery
Merging Higher Consciousness with Lower Chakras
Initiation – Cosmic Perspective

Session IX – Oneness Perspective
Grid Awareness / DNA Activation
Initiation: I AM

Session X – Being the All
Journey into OmniPresence – Unity Consciousness
Initiation:  We are

Session times average two hours each and are done via phone.

Program I ~ $1333
Program II ~ $1333 

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“I gained more out of one -hour with Nana then I had in eight months of therapy. She knows the way to the soul!”

~ Christine Kline – New York, NY

“I am a Life Coach and Holistic Healer in MD, my sessions with Nana have expanded my understanding of the Soul and how it can bypass years of traditional therapies”

~ Louise Larson- Silver Springs, MD

“Understanding past life Karma, I sought Nana to help me clear a blockage I felt I had. Little did I know, my soul would lead me beyond physical existence into a knowing of myself beyond lifetimes!”

~ Kellie Charles – San Fran, CA

“I first met Nana with Max, the Crystal Skull. I was amazed at the clarity and what rang true as “truth” when she channeled through Max. I feel that Nana is a pure, clear and neutral channel and highly recommend her. Through this experience I registered for her Living From Soul program. I didn’t know what to expect and followed my guidance to take a “leap of faith”. This 5 session program is amazing. It far exceeded any expectations I might have held. Nana’s ability to connect with an individual’s soul and their guidance team is done in a way that is positive, constructive, enlightening and healing. Her skill and clarity help her tailor each session to where the individual is on their journey of growth and consciousness. I finished session 5 and I am still processing the shifts I feel within. I am grateful for the new awareness and confirmations.”

~ Victoria Barna– Phoenix, AZ

“I just finished the first Living from Soul series with Nana today, and I write to encourage everyone who is considering this work to take the plunge, sign up and experience miraculous change in your life.  I entered this work without too many expectations, and had my mind blown by each class.  I also have experienced profound healing in my physical body from the removal of many toxic patterns.  The healing involved chronic long term back problems, constant pain, all cleared and my back changed so much that my chiropractor exclaimed over the difference!  For me, the revelations regarding my Soul’s journey have freed me from a search of many years to know who I am, and how I can help this planet’s ascension.   I am beyond thrilled and I feel free, complete and filled with Joy.  I have already signed up for the second series, and look forward to further developing my spiritual skills.Let me also say that working with Nana is a great blessing.  Her channeling is very clear, her vision amazing, and she has a kind and supportive heart.  Oh, and the homework isn’t overwhelming……I have worked with many people over the years, and this series, more than any other by far, delivers what it says it will.”

~ Lynn Bocquet – Arcata, CA

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