Heart Tantra

New Earth Relationships  As we continue evolving our consciousness into a greater experiences of Oneness, we will find that the ways we relate to others is evolving too.  When we are whole and complete, knowing we are not separate from anything, there is no need to fulfill or cling with another human being.  Romances are shifting, parenting is changing. Look around today and see how many mixed families exist, we all have step parents, siblings, a mix of relationships that years ago would have been considered blasphemous.  

celebrate new earth relationshipsIn all the years I have been doing Soul Sessions, the main question people ask me is about their relationships.  When is “the one” coming? When is this one ending? When will I find someone who totally gets me?  I have never seen one soul who wanted to come to the earth plane and learn all of it’s lessons from only one other human being.  We want variety, multiple reflections to see ourselves internally, many souls who will hold a mirror in which we can view our multifaceted being. 

This does not necessarily mean polyamory, it is more about sovereignty.  It means taking responsibility for your own happiness and wholeness and sharing that with others without attachment or need.  Romances and marriages will still exist but they will be conscious and operate on a whole different scale of independence.  It is a higher vibrating love affair, one that exist in every chakra of our consciousness, not just the lower three of codependence. 

A couple of weeks ago, I went to an outdoor festival.  As the night unfolded, I ran into five different friends.  Each one of them had the same story to share with me.  They were in some way uncomfortable or hurting by the fact that their ex-partners were there with a new partner.  I spent time talking with each one, Guidance flowed through in how they could look at the situation differently and be happy for that person instead of suffering. 

Spirit said that relationships never end, no matter if we never see them again, they are part of us.  We keep relating through our consciousness. Sometimes we put so much mental and emotional anguish and emphasis on whether we should end a relationship.  Spirit explained that life works in cycles and that we draw partners in who are equipped to help us evolve at that level of our soul journey.  When the lessons are done, the cycle shifts, we keep relating but we do so differently to allow opportunities for other souls to come in.  This isn’t just romantically, but on all levels of relating.  Wouldn’t it be refreshing if we were taught this as children instead of the white picket fence happily ever after that makes us feel guilty when it doesn’t work out that way?  I’m not saying white picket fence cycles are bad, I have had some great ones.  I am just relieved that I can allow them to be what they are meant to be without staying inside them when the fence is no longer serving. 

You may say; well if you give up so easily, where is the devotion and the ability to stay committed to something?  Spirit says that every relationship that we have is a reflection of the one we are having with ourselves.  Being committed  and devoted on a soul level to yourself and others is a whole different thing than being committed to a time frame.  It is loving self and another enough to honor the soul journey of each person involved, it is not based in happily every after, it is based in the now, in the present moment. 

 imagesCAF328OM  In the higher frequencies we practice “Sacred Partnering.”  I am seeing this happen in many conscious communities.  People are agreeing to partner for different reasons without expecting one person to hold every aspect of partnering that we need. For example,  people are consciously choosing to have children together and commit to a parenting partnership without the need to commit to a life lived in marriage.  Some people are finding that they partner with one significant other romantically but have other partnerships for hobbies and special interests.  This does not deduce their intimate relationship in any way.  I am experiencing this with my ex-husband.  We still talk almost every day.  We are both in acceptance and knowing that our cycle for marriage is over but we have a deep spiritual connection and the soul reflections are priceless.  This doesn’t affect my current romantic relationship.  I also have a partnership with a man in my life who is helping me create programs about New Earth Relationships.  All three men are partnering with me in the way our souls connect naturally without any fear of the boundaries that exist.  And the great thing is, that I love each of them deeply.  I can feel how our souls connect and I am grateful we can reflect what we are all becoming – whole and free! 

When I was in NC in October, I sat in front of a fire one night, sipping a cup of tea with a dear friend.  Suddenly, I see her boyfriend levitating in Spirit-form in front of me.  For the next hour, he channeled through me all about New Earth Relationships.  He said, we are all souls here growing and evolving and we are here to experience great leaps in consciousness.  In order for us to do this, we have to accept that we are the whole spectrum of emotion, from the most angelic saintly vibrations of love to the most fierce frequencies of fear and separation.  In order for us to remember our wholeness, we have to; experience, accept, face and embrace that we are all of it.  He said, we cannot hide who we are for fear of offending another person. We cannot pretend to only operate in a small portion of the spectrum, only being happy and peaceful all the time, to make someone else comfortable.  We have to fall down with our faces in the mud and be able to pick ourselves up.  This is how we learn but often times when we get into a romance, we try to give our best and not let the other person see our shadow side.  We are not living authentically.  We are robbing ourselves of the opportunities we need to keep growing and evolving.  He advised, to be true to  ourselves is the only way to live life where we continue to ascend, no other person is worth hiding who we truly are within.

He also explained that we should never have the audacity to dictate how another human being shares love with others in their lives.  Who are we to decide what is best for that soul’s growth? Our most challenging relationships are the ones that carry the deeper jewels of transformation within them.  To attempt to control or influence how other people connect is to say that you know what is best for them.  We have to let each person’s journey unfold without fear of loss or jealousy.  This is wholeness, freedom to live and let live, freedom to be who we are naturally and connect with others in the way that happens naturally between our souls.  This is SOUL BASED RELATIONSHIPS. 

where-is-the-true-love-96166d50-c1c9-4f10-a44a-1124eb2d38d6As we move out of  separation/ego/personality consciousness and into Soul/Unity/Oneness consciousness we will all want more  of this soul-based relating.  We will want less of the old ball and chain mentality that makes us prisoners in our relationships.  When we relate through a void inside that needs to be filled, it causes all kinds of resentments because we are not operating in wholeness.  We are expecting some other person to fulfill us.  Someone outside of us can never fulfill us, they will always fall short and disappoint us. It is better to fulfill yourself and have your relationships as the icing on the cake in your life rather than the main course.

So, as we move forward, we will see many changes in how we are relating. It can be scary to let go of our old programing.  There is pressure to conform, to comply, with the white picket fence in the sky.  If we truly know who we are as souls, we know we have it all inside. Relationships are different than they used to be.  We see them as arenas of growth and reflections of our Divinity, we approach them differently and they are much more rewarding.  We are real with ourselves and others, authentically expressing the totality of our Being.  Transparency is key and necessary if we are to become illuminated Light Beings!

My wish for you is that you find the truth of your Being, that you experience and express it in your special way.  May you share with many people who can truly appreciate, celebrate,  the unique radiance of your Soul …and shine it back to you!  

We are all One ..behold the beauty!





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