Nana Hendricks


 Spiritual Guide / Visionary / Channel

 In 1999 I had an instantaneous  kundalini awakening.  All of a sudden I was thrust into a world where all subtle energies were visible to me.  Everything was made of energy, I could see that we were all connected through a unified field of Life Force.  There was absolutely no separation between anything; human beings, trees, animals, the air we breathe.  The Source that created everything was alive and experiencing itself through all things.  

 I could also see that every human being had a colorful field of energy around them and that their  history and life story was stored in shadowed clouds in this aura. Being  sensitive to these energies was painful for me.  I felt as if every person on the planet was hiding their past traumas, wearing masks to conceal their pain and pretending.  In a state of desperation, I cried out to God to help me understand this suffering.  I heard clearly: “You have not been given the sight to see the shadows, you have been given the sight to see the light.”

This shifted my perspective and I began looking deeper.   Then I saw the golden souls that dwell within each human being.  This radiant Divine Presence shines forth from the core of who we are like a golden sun.  Sometimes hidden by the clouds, but always there, our Souls wait for us to clear the illusions and find the truth.  We are not our stories, history, programming, or personalities. We are Soul; brilliant, radiant, glorious, eternal and free.  We can choose to clear the dark clouds and let our Souls shine bright again. 

Once I realized this, I devoted my life to helping people find, and live from, the Soul inside of them.  As I worked with many people over the years,  I became familiar with higher states of consciousness.  These states exist within us.   There are many dimensions within the human spectrum.   Lower dimensions operate on the illusion that we are separate.  Our greatest fears come from the seed belief that we are separate or alone.   It simply is not true.   In the higher states, we know we are all connected and we operate in Unity and Harmony.  My goal is to help people remember who they are so that they can become fully illuminated again.   Then we can cultivate those higher states of Unity Consciousness that will bring more peace and harmony to our world.