Kundalini is a life-force energy that every human being carries within them.  Until activated, it lies dormant in the pelvic region, in the lower energy center which is called the root chakra.  Once activated, it rises from the root and slowly makes its way up the central pillar of energy that flows along the spine.  It flows into every energy center in the body, cleansing and purging density to raise the vibrational frequency into higher states of consciousness.  If someone is not prepared to deal with this sudden eruption of emotion that will occur when each chakra is rapidly stirred, a kundalini awakening can be very traumatic.

Yogis, shamans and mystics spend lifetimes trying to activate this energy.  Priestesses from many paths have also worked with it, knowing its power to raise awareness.  It is also the process in which individuals and couples practice Tantra or Sacred Sexuality that leads to Divine Union internally and with another human being. However, kundalini can be experienced without any focus at all on sexuality.  Either way, the techniques that assist the process are; meditation, visualization, yoga, sacred dance and breath work.

Kundalini flows like a current of electricity.    It is often depicted as a coiled serpent when dormant and a raised serpent when active and flowing through the body.   More specifically, the current is divided into two serpents spiraling around each other like a DNA helix as it rises through each chakra.   This represents the electro -and-magnetic polarities of the current of energy also sun/earth and masculine/feminine respectively.  The current of kundalini energy can extend through the body and then return to a subdued place within the root chakra. Once you become familiar with this frequency, you can activate it at will to help you heal and expand consciously.  Visualizing the current as serpent-like energy rising through the body assists with activating the Kundalini.

CaduceusThe serpent totem is sacred in many traditions.  It is the symbol of healing, that is why we have it on our medical caduceus. It is the earth’s primal healing energy.  The serpent is also the symbol of transformation.  It has the ability to completely shed its skin and birth a new body.  In religion and history, the only time the snake was demonized was when it was feared for its liberating abilities.  The ancient religions that predate Christianity, held the snake in reverence and did not fear it, they worked with the transformational and healing frequencies. In Egypt, the cobra worn on the brow of Pharaohs and priestesses symbolized that they had brought the kundalini alive and raised it within themselves to the third eye level of higher consciousness and self-awareness.

If the serpent rises unexpectedly, it can be quite startling! Some people experience spontaneous kundalini awakenings without any formal practice or intentions to ignite the dormant energy.  This can happen through traumatic life events, past life recollections, or through cellular memory.  I experienced my kundalini awakening this way.  I did not have a background in spirituality, metaphysics or religion.  I was a corporate executive who bought one book on meditation. Then a trauma hit my family. In a state of intense vulnerability, I tried the meditation technique in the book and was knocked unconscious by the energy that erupted inside of me.  I remember the explosion of energy at my tailbone, then a slow flowing electrical heat that felt like burning lava moving up my spine.  As it rose through me, painful events in my life flashed before my eyes.  When it reached my heart, I screamed out in agony as so many suppressed emotions were erupting inside of me.  Then it reached my brow, and that is when I was knocked out.  When I awakened, I could see the quantum physics realm of reality, where everything is made of the same energy; it is just gathered together in different formulas and vibrating at different frequencies.

imagesCA9WKJ03I was in an emotional crisis at this point.  I had no references for what happened to me.  I had never heard the words:  chakra, aura or kundalini.  I saw colorful fields of energy around everyone and also dark storm clouds that contained their pain. If I looked too long or got too close to anyone, their history and traumas would pour into me, and I would feel all of their suppressed agony.  I could also see spirits around everyone; deceased loved ones, angels, guardians and guides.  I thought I would end up in an insane asylum.  I could not work my corporate job.  In the boardroom of fortune five hundred companies, I could feel and see the energy of the executives, and I knew who was crooked and cheating.  All the masks people were wearing and all the secrets people were hiding would cause me to ache inside.

The weeks following my awakening, I could not go out much.  I was processing my own emotional crises, and to get near someone else and feel their pain too was just more that I could handle. Luckily, I knew of a woman psychiatrist who was affiliated with a business network group that I participated in monthly. I called her and explained what happened.  She told me she believed it was a gift and that I could learn to use it to help people. I saw her several times and through deep meditative states and hypnosis, she helped me close my chakras down to where I could function in society again.  She also taught me how to open and close my third eye so that I could see the subtle frequencies when I wanted but not be overwhelmed by sensory overload when I didn’t need to see.

Months later, I was still exhausted from processing so much and not having enough rest.  The kundalini eruptions continued and often happened spontaneously right when I would relax enough to fall asleep.  I would lay in bed for hours wide-eyed and zinging with electrical currents of energy surging through me.  So many childhood memories had surfaced, things I had suppressed.  I was an emotional roller coaster, feeling the highs of spiritual consciousness and awareness but the lows of immense emotional purging. Not one person in my life besides the psychiatrist could understand what was happening.  All of my friends, family and colleagues believed I had lost my mental and emotional stability and was either on drugs or having a nervous breakdown.  I was extremely alienated and lonely.

75722_10150285903605261_855440260_15463787_3758445_nIn addition to the emotional purging of this lifetime, I began to have very vivid dreams and visions of other lifetimes.  I started experiencing myself multi-dimensionally.  I would leave my body and travel to the other lifetimes and then feel the pain and agony these parts of me were experiencing.  Initially, the lifetimes I was visiting all seemed to have one thing in common; the ability to see with my third eye.  I visited and merged with an Egyptian Priestess lifetime and several shamanic lifetimes.  The priestess used kundalini and sacred tantric rituals to heal and ascend the soul.  She could see into the body and energy field to gain insight about illness and disease, then heal it with kundalini.   The shamanic lifetimes used the sight to commune with the spirits of the land, star beings, animals and elements and to foresee coming events.  All of these lifetimes felt powerful but also as if the third eye ability separated me from my tribe and community.  I was asked to heal these wounded experiences in my consciousness so that I could use my third eye again as a gift that would assist without causing me isolation or separation in this lifetime.

I realized that it is because I have had those lifetimes working with kundalini, that in this lifetime, it raised spontaneously as soon as I was still and vulnerable enough for it to erupt.   From that point forward, my Guides instructed me to “remember who I am.”  It has been an incredible journey, putting the multidimensional puzzle pieces together to gain the bigger picture as to who I am as a SOUL.

Kundalini5x7I remember the rituals of the priestess, the tantric union, the healing and visionary gifts she carried.  I know the path of the shaman, I have walked it many times, my moccasins leaving delicate footprints on the earth, living in harmony with her and all of her creatures.  I feel blessed to remember all of this and to have the ability to use it again in this lifetime.

The other solace I  had through the crisis, was the constant companionship of a voice that I heard internally. It guided me through the whole process.  I have come to know this voice as my own Soul or my God Self.   I realize that this has been the goal all along, to find my soul and know who I Am.  Now, I am living from that place of Soul Knowing and it is the most fulfilling feeling I have ever felt, a home-coming.

It was that internal Soul-voice that guided me to open “The Earth Spirit Center”, and to begin sharing my insights with others.  The center attracted many people who were awakening.  There was a strong trend of women and men who were re-igniting their kundalini.  I was often taken spontaneously into ceremonies and re-initiations with them, especially the priestesses.  We would activate their kundalini and trigger the DNA and Soul Memories so that they could re-member and reclaim the gifts they carry.  I would also work with them after the activation to process the emotions or crises that surface.  I realized that you can activate the kundalini in a conscious way but whether it happens spontaneously or with a practice, immense emotional purging still follows the initiation experiences.

If you are in crises, my first and most vital advice would be to GROUND.  Connect deeply with the earth and strive to stabilize your energy field with deep breaths and visualizations.  Imagine you are a tree growing roots into the soil, send your energy down and anchor into the ground.  Center your focus and visualize all of your energy centers /chakras reducing in size to a smaller slower spin.  Call in your Guides and Angels and ask that they assist.  Invoke the vibration of Grace to descend upon you and fill your heart space.  Know that ultimately, this is a gift, your Soul has planned it like this.

Kundalini has the ability to do all of this and more.  It affects people differently but my experiences are common with instantaneous awakenings.  I am honored to assist others in this process.  Whether you are experiencing crises or yearning to ignite your kundalini,  I can provide support and Guidance.  I would caution against activating your kundalini until you are self-aware and experienced with emotional healing.  Before practicing, you should have personal healing tools, a support system and the ability to take time off from your daily routine to focus internally on YOU.

Kundalini can be such a gift, it is here to assist our evolution in Consciousness and create a greater knowing of self-awareness.  It is a healing frequency and can be used individually or collectively in harmony with others.  Whether alone or with lovers, once we master it, we have a powerful tool and a frequency we can extend beyond our bodies and personal consciousness into the collective.  Kundalini can make a difference in the world we are living in, one rising serpent at a time, until we are all entwined in the Knowing of Oneness again.  We all carry it within, we are connected through it too.  Discover it inside of you and know it is within everyone else too.  Just like our hearts and souls, Kundalini is; Universal, Life, Love and Light.  Ignite it and see, how far you can expand and return to your own Divine Being!



Please feel free to email me any questions at:  SpiralGuide3301@gmail.com



One comment on “Kundalini

  1. Thank you nana for that amazing story you shared! I feel very blessed to have connected with you in this life and I am very excited to continue my journey with you thanks again !! Happy new year! Talk soon
    Love Zeb

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