The Spiral Experience

  imagesCATI6NDR   Journey into the multiple spirals that exists within Your Consciousness


From the DNA helix,imagesCAMBVPZ9

to the Kundalini coil

the spinning chakras

and the orbiting world

the atom’s spin around the nucleus,

the spiraling galaxy that contains all of us. 


From micro to macro we exist

as Spiraling Soul –Universal Consciousness.

To know yourself like this, you can see

aligns you to the Spiral of Life

that is constantly flowing

like the Golden Meanevent_130770592

and the Fibonacci

Life can be lived in harmony

instead of swimming against the stream

You are now floating


where you want to BE

945433_685955214762998_1055922446_n  in Oneness and Unity

  with everything.

Event includes:

Presentation ~ Open Discussion ~ Activation Meditation &

“The Spiral Experience” Guided Journey through your Consciousness!

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