Portal of Transformation

6780204Activating, Aligning, Initiating Higher Consciousness
Angels, Ancestors, Star Beings, Guides
Lightbody, DNA, Merkaba
A powerful experience!

We are gathering in the crystal gardens of Mt Light Sanctuary, a retreat surrounded by a protected forest.  The energy here is pristine and enchanting.  The location is on powerful magnetic ley lines, the ceremonies that have been done here over time, the structures on the property that honor the different traditions of spirituality, all create an illumined gate that we will travel through, a thin veil between the worlds bring in deeper communion with Spirit.  Expand, Ignite, Illuminate your Soul Light, ActivateHigher Chakras, Crystal Lightbody, DNA and Merkaba Fields.  Gain clarity, guidance, healing energy.


Nana will be available for personal sessions all weekend.  Lodging is available if you would like to stay for an extended retreat.

Saturday July 19th / 1pm – 3pm
Mt Light Santuary
Asheville, NC


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