Soul Illumination

illuminated%20heartJoin us as we gather together to “Ignite the Internal Light” and let it overflow in our lives.  We will move inward through a meditation journey that leads us into the depths of our consciousness where our true treasures and gifts reside.  Merging with our Soul Light, we will become one with our Divine Essence and allow the blessings to pour forth from our own Inner Source.   Anything blocking or restricting your flow will be exposed and transmuted in the process.  These exercises will help you heal, transform, manifest and create from the pure light source that is inside of you.   Get ready to elevate and lift your Spirit to great heights!

Delve into the multifaceted brilliance of your own Inner Being, experience your Soul Light. This event includes energetic activations and atunements to your DNA and Lightbody. This will open the gateways of higher consciousness where Remembrance will flood through, dormant chakras and meridians will begin to illuminate, the Lightbody activates and you expand into a greater Knowing of who you are as Soul. Infinite, Eternal, Everlasting. From this perspective, you will see your life journey as an opportunity to express Divinity temporarily in a human body. You will gain great clarity about your purpose and the path in front of you. You will feel exalted and free! And, you will take home some tools that you can use to continue Illuminating.
Bring a comfortable mat or blanket.


Saturday August 19th / 1pm – 3pm
Mountain Light Sanctuary
Asheville, NC

Saturday August 9th / 11am – 1pm
Unlimited Thought
525 Blanco Rd
San Antonio, TX

Sunday August 16th / 1pm – 3pm
Storm Wisdom
3375 E. Shae Blvd
Phoenix, AZ

Saturday August 23rd /1pm – 3pm
Controversial Bookstore
3063 University Ave
San Diego, CA

See Calendar for event dates


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