Spiritual Retreats

                        2017 Retreats


    Annual Caribbean Spiritual Retreat


Living from Your Sacred Heart Center!  Join us on the beautiful island of St John, USVI.  You dont need a passport from the US, just pack your swimsuit and a sarong.  This is a gathering of goddesses and priestesses, we pray, meditate, chant, sing, dance, share, and expand our spirits!  Delicious vegetarian food is served by a local chef.  Daily Spiritual Circles guide you deeper within your own Divine Presence.  The breathtaking views of the sea cascades out over the island chain before thee.  It is heaven, paradise on earth.  The perfect place for mermaids, mystics, mamas and yogis to merge.

March 10-12,  2017

Concordia Eco Resort

St John, USVI


For more information or to register:  NanaHendricks@gmail.com

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Mt Shasta Spiritual Retreat

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Mystical Mt Shasta – A sacred pilgrimage to the top of the mountain and the depth of your Soul!  Mt Shasta is an inter-dimensional gateway between many worlds.  People come from all of the globe to visit this sacred site and experience the wonders of this magical place.  Where ever you are on your path, Mt Shasta will lead you through your own personal doorway into greater Self Awareness and Realization of your Divine Essence.  You will leave here with your life changed, you will fall in love with her, as we all do and she will become a part of you, a part of yourself that is always there, present, grounded, anchored in the ancient truth…like a mountain who who been here for eons beconing you home into your own heart space. She awaits in all of her spendid glory to take you as high and deep as you are ready to go…into your own Soul!

Stewart Mineral Springs

Mt Shasta, CA

9 Day Women’s Retreat ~ July 22 – 30 2017 ~   $1999

5 Day Women’s Retreat  ~ August 5 – 9, 201 ~ $1333

Retreat includes everything except airfare and food. All of your excursions and experiences are included!   Healing Mineral Baths, Sweat Lodge, Attunement Ceremonies on Mt Shasta, Meditations and Channeled Messages from Shasta Spirits, Daily Sharing Circles, Spirit Guided Journeys, Crystal Bowl Activations,  Waterfall hike and more…

Lodging in a beautiful luxury home at Tara’s Refuge – with a breathtaking view of Mt Shasta from the back yard and many large windows inside the home, meditation gardens, several sacred stupas, a meditation temple and plush lavendar fields surround the home.

For more information or to register: NanaHendricks@gmail.com

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Appalachian Mountain Autumn Retreat

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As the trees begin to change their leaves to the colorful aray of autumn, we gather in a charming mountain lodge and focus inward.  The crisp cool air is breathed slowly and deeply here, to savor every moment of nature’s majesty.  We calm the pace of our busy lives and detach from goals and to-do lists.  This is a time to be still, to witness the transformational experience of shedding all that we are, letting it go, surrendering completely, we stand stark like a void canvas waiting for a new creation.  Unlimited potential, limitless possibilities, your Soul shines through, bringing healing, clarity, direction for where you are going…when it is time to move again, but for now, another deep breath of this invigorating mountain air..take it home with you…let it breathe new life into your journey…it is the magic of these mountains, the oldest mountains on the planet, feminine like weathered old grandmother medicine women, they heal your soul and remind you of what is really important.  Come be craddled, comforted, nurtured, reborn.

October 20-21, 2017

Light Center Lodge

Black Mountain, NC


This retreat focus is “Living from Soul”, includes a map of consciousness, understanding your divine matrix, several workshops and classes, meditations, regression therapy, healing circle, light room sound journey, hikes on the land, morning and evening gigong. Food Package and Lodging are optional.

The Light Center is a very sacred site that has hosted decades of devotional ceremonies and services for world peace and oneness.  The grounds are beautiful with miles of hiking trails, meandering streams, meditation benches, a labyrth, peace pole and many other enchanted nooks and crannies.

For more information or to register: NanaHendricks@gmail.com


For more information or to register contact Nana Hendricks at:

Email: NanaHendricks@gmail.com 

Phone:  (828) 337.5512