As a Spiritual Counselor and Guide, I have helped many people cross over to the other side. The Death process is a miracle to witness. I have seen the Soul leaving the body and I have journeyed with it into the Light.


 The Spirit or Heavenly Realm is magnificent and filled with love. Golden illuminated Souls shine brightly everywhere. The surprising thing for me, is that I could see myself there and here on earth simultaneously. We exist in both realities! I found the part of myself anchored there in the heavenly realm and everyone else that I know here on the earth plane was there too.

These experiences on the other side helped me to release any fear or anxiety over death and dying.  I  realized that through the death process, we are not losing anything, but instead gaining everything.  The death process raises our consciousness back into the Knowing of who we are as Souls in Oneness. We are not separate. We are eternal, everlasting.  We are connected through Unity, Love and Light.

Death and TransformationAs Souls, we exist in the infinite field of Oneness. We desire the experience of separation to explore different vibrations of the Spectrum. So, we lower part of our consciousness and forget who we are for awhile. We live out illusionary lives like virtual reality games, everything seems so real, so important, so immense. However, in the bigger sense, we are entertaining an opportunity to explore duality with the hopes that we will remember our Divinity.  Then we will have the ability to govern our experience here from a state of Mastery and really enjoy living in these fascinating human bodies! 

If we don’t reach the goal of the Soul, to remember who we are while in the body, then we do not suffer, we enjoy another life of entertainment. Like going to a movie; we like to experience; drama’s, comedy, action, thrillers, even horror movies. When the movie is over, the life complete, we go back to Spirit form and review the life, not in judgment, but more from a perspective of evaluating our advancement. If no great advancements in consciousness were made, we look at our life lightly and say; “well hey, at least we had orgasms and ice cream” :)

In journeying to the other side many times, I see how we take things “Light-ly” there.  I have come to realize that we all live many, many lives. We play every role, with the ultimate goal of remembering our Soul while still in physical form. In Heaven, there is no judgment scroll because you, as a Soul,  have asked other Souls to play the roles in your life that challenge you. So, on a Soul level forgiveness is not even necessary because we understand the Divine Perfection in everything and that every act is serving us to grow, evolve and remember who we are.

Everything in this dimension is temporary. Everything here will die eventually. You, your body, your personality, your education, your degrees, your family; parents, siblings and yes, even your children, they will all fade away. But one thing here stays eternal and every lasting; it is the Soul. It is inside every human being waiting to be discovered again. This is the reason we come into these physical forms, the reason we experience death and still crave to be reborn. We long to experience ourselves, to come home into Knowing again, to come back into the embrace of the Beloved Soul within. Awakening-to-the-Divine

It is exalting to meet your Soul in the Spirit realms. When I’ve had this experience my heart explodes like a bursting sun. I remember what it is like to be eternal and everlasting. It makes me appreciate my journey on the earth plane even more because I can savor the experience as a Soul living and breathing through this temporary human body.

If it were not for the death experience, I would not know this exaltation of my Soul.  I have lost so many dear people in my life; my eight year old niece to leukemia, my beloved brother murdered, my father in a car accident when I was 18 years old, my best friends, three of them. And since opening to the gifts of higher consciousness, I have witnessed them in Spirit guiding me on my journey. I cannot hug them physically, and this I miss, so grieve we must for what the death and dying process brings us in the form of loss. But know, that not all is lost and for the one who leaves us, they gain everything, It is they who return to Knowing while we are still forgetting.

Lately, I see so many people dying and I notice a trend, that loved ones are dying to help remind the ones who stay within the human condition. Death serves us in so many ways. The agony of loss that we experience on the earth plane stops us from distracting outwardly into the world of illusion and instead look inward for healing. The wound in the heart leads us to the doorway of the Soul. We find deeper parts of ourselves while suffering.

I have seen that many Souls plan to support each other this way when we incarnate. We say: “Hey, you are going to the Earth plane again. Okay friend, how about I go and really challenge you to look within? I can die a tragic death that gets you to switch your focus, heal your pain, and in the process, you gain the opportunity, to find the doorway that leads to your Divinity.”

RebirthI know loss still hurts but I can promise you that when this life is over, you will look back and see the death process as a gift.  We are all constantly in a state of death and rebirth, in many cycles of our lives, constantly recreating our bodies, jobs, relationships. It is the evolutionary spin you cannot remove yourself  or your cells from. So, surrender. You are going to lose everyone, including yourself, eventually. Live life fully and seek to know the totality of your Being. Then life is really worth living, instead of just distracting yourself until you are dying.

If you have lost a loved one and are suffering, it is important to honor the grief cycle.  We must allow our emotional bodies to heal and our lives to recalibrate.  Believe me, I  too, have had my moments on the kitchen floor crying with a huge hole in my heart.  But over and over again, Souls from the other side have come to me and said “please ask them to stop grieving, it is a shame to watch them wasting their lives when I am happy, peaceful and free”   As our departed loved ones watch our lives from the other side, they enjoy of journeys in human life.  It is like they are watching our movie and living vicariously.  They want to see us happy.   Please know, the best way you can honor those who have gone on, is to live your life as vibrantly and passionately as you can. Truly know who you are within and let that Soul light shine through you. As you raise your consciousness, you will remember your Soul and your Oneness,  you will not feel so separate from those in Spirit.  You will know you are both eternal and everlasting and connected always.  You will see your loved ones again when it is time, until then LIVE your LIFE!

We don’t have to wait until we are dying physically to experience death.  I personally have died many times already in this life. I have died as a child, losing my innocence, an adolescent losing my dependence, an adult losing my confidence and trying to make sense of a crazy world. I have died as a daughter, sister and aunt. I have died as a virgin, a non-bearing mother and a woman scorned. I have died as a wife and as an executive to a corporate world. I have died in partnership both personal and business. And in all of this death, I found myself. I would do it all again, it is still happening within… at this very moment, I am dying to who I used to be and Becoming even more Me.

images If it were not for the death process we could not be born again. We could not raise our consciousness. We could not ascend up the spiral staircase of evolution. It is the shadow side of the yin yang that brings balance to all things and keeps the spiral spinning.  We must embrace death as our friend and accept that everything must end. In order to grow, we have to let go of what we know and become something different. Death is an integral part of this process, we could not exist without it. It is a celebration, it raises our vibration and allows us to transform and be reborn. What a gift it is!

So, with this my friends, I wish you death to the end, so you are continuously born again and renewed with a higher view of you! And for those loved ones too, I thank you for introducing me to death and all its gifts and glory. May the story continue until we all remember who we are and evolve into Soul Knowing and Oneness again. Until then… at least we have orgasms and ice cream!

Taking Life and Death Lightly,


~ Nana



  1. Thank you Nana for supplying us with such a beautiful way to understand death. As I continue to shift in my own existence, I am at a place where I hung onto every word in this post. I went through a major life changing shift this passed December where I shed myself of sadness and was reborn into such light that I cannot believe how great it feels to be alive! I had lost that feeling for many reasons along my journey, remembering only glimpses of hope along my way. I look forward to joining with you and your circle again one day in the near future because it’s been five years since I joined your woman’s retreat when I was expecting my son Vito. Love and light, Kim Trabucco

  2. Thank you Nana for your heartfelt sharing, you are an inspiration to me, thank you for reminding us of what is important!

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