love-or-above-raise-your-vibration-300x190Erupting Consciousness

Like volcanoes erupting with remembrance and knowing, our Souls are exploding with greater consciousness and self-awareness.  During the process, huge chunks of our old selves will fling like boulders from the depths of our beings.  As the big bursts keep happening, highs and lows sometimes come so rapidly, we appear to be experiencing them simultaneously, and we are.  The spectrum is collapsing; the extremes of duality will no longer exist in Unity Consciousness.  We are moving into  Oneness where all is happening NOW. 

Exciting Shifts!  In the last few months I have felt such an immense change in the collective frequency.  I was guided into many ceremonies in NC.  Spirit kept telling me that the “most significant” ceremony I would ever do was going to be in Asheville in mid-October.  It was true… 

I have been a Lightworker for over a decade, traveling where I am guided to go to work with the crystalline grid.   As I was opening light portals and clearing density from the land, I worked with many sacred spirits along the way: Ancestors, Star Beings and Angles. However, the most amazing energy I have ever experienced happened  with a special team of human beings at a retreat just north of Asheville.   We gathered in a circle around a large crystal in the gardens of Mountain Light Sanctuary.  The portal we opened that day was fifty times bigger than anything I have ever witnessed. When the portal opening was complete, a legion of Angels gathered around us in an upward spiral into the heavens as far as the eye could see.  They shined a brilliant diamond white light into the portal that flooded all the way down to the center of the earth and blasted outward in every direction.  The planet looked like a brilliant star exploding from its core.   

It was at that moment, as the planet was flooded with light, that I experienced the “most significant” part of the ceremony. I felt a merger inside of my consciousness, that which has been guided through this whole process became One with that which has been guiding.  There was no space in between.  No reaching up or seeking for Guidance, it was alive inside of me.  I was the Ancestor, the Angel, the Star Being. 


Raleigh – Light expanding through the crystal grid.

I had the feeling that this was just the beginning.  A week later I was hosting a “Max the Crystal Skull” event   in Raleigh. The circumstance of this gathering and the way it unfolded was miraculous.  We were scheduled to be in Wilmington at this time, but with only a weeks notice, we had to cancel the event.  I then began to  received so many emails and calls from people in Raleigh who were seeing visions and dreaming of Max that we knew we had to shift gears and bring him there instead. It turned out to be the most powerful ceremony that I have ever done with Max.  When everyone arrived, we realized we were in a house full of  Crystal Grid Lightworkers.  Once again that bright white diamond light was ignited and this time it spread to all the sacred sites we each had been working. As the energy flowed, the crystal grid illuminated into a “Flower of Life” pattern with Max in the middle.   At the end of this ceremony we all received a diamond shaped crystal in our hearts to carry forth the frequency, just like we did at the Mountain Light Sanctuary Ceremony.

Little did I know that this was an exclamation point on a major cycle of my life.  The following week, I returned to Florida in the midst of the volcanic eruptions of the mercury retrograde and dual eclipses. JoAnn Parks, the keeper of Max, and I decided that we should stop our travels together. The shift of this 10-year partnership was “a huge chunk of my old self flinging like boulders from my depths.”  The experience catapulted me into a tomb-to-womb process of death and rebirth that continued merging my human being with the part of me that has been Guiding.

We are all going through tomb-to-womb experiences.  They will accelerate with the quickening of the light influxes on the planet.  It is important to know how to die and be reborn over and over again without great attachment to any phase of the cycle.  As I journeyed from tomb to womb, I knew I had to fully surrender to each stage of the process.  I felt my old self completely dissolve in the tomb.  I could not rush, I had to be thorough, patient and very still. As I witness the decaying of the old Self, I grieved the loss of the person I used to be.  As I entered the womb I felt a pressure to build something new, to get busy and create but my Soul said “just wait, gestate.”  I could feel residue still leaving me from the death process and the birthing was not fully ready yet.  I began to build energy, to rest deeply and prepare for when the birthing canal and the light at the end of the tunnel would appear.  It finally did and I slid into a new reality but I was still wet behind the ears and needing to find my footing in this new energy.  I was accustomed to connecting “up” to my Guidance team but now I found myself sitting among them and feeling the presence of the Light Being inside of me fully anchoring and participating through my human body. 

Over the next two weeks, I experienced several DNA and Lightbody upgrades. New circuitry in my body was activated that allowed more light to flow through me.  Dormant chakras and meridians came alive.  A new lens in my third eye, crystalline and multifaceted, provided new sight into many dimensions simultaneously.  There was a great new depth of KNOWING within me.  I was then joined by a Sacred Council of Light Beings.  This council includes Star Elders from several planetary systems.  They told me that the goal is not for me to keep channeling something that is “above and beyond my consciousness” but to become it.  We all are to become it.

Max has been with me through this whole process.  After working with him for ten years, he is part of my consciousness.  The Light Council suggested that we take all of our Spiritual icons off the pedestal and see them inside of us.  These states of higher awareness that they represent are within our consciousness. We have to claim it and shift our perspectives so that we don’t see higher states beyond who we are but rather as parts of us that we carry internally.  They explained that we are traversing terrain on the earth planes’ evolutionary path that will continue to activate the dormant cells of our DNA and initiate the metamorphic process of illuminating our experience as human beings into Light Beings.  It is happening!

As I experienced each DNA upgrade and the shifts within my own consciousness, the Sacred Council said to me “it is because of your Integrity that you are able to maintain this level of Light Being inside of your human body.”  After hearing this several times, I looked up the word “integrity” it means; “to act with moral values rather than personal gain.”  When I read this, I realized that it is imperative to act with integrity in order to keep ascending; “moral value” is action of the Soul and Oneness, and “personal gain” is of the Ego and Separation.  I also saw that as Souls, we keep putting our human personalities into situation that give us the opportunities to choose to be in Integrity or not. That CHOICE is our free will and a great Gift.  It is the actual act that allows us to lift our consciousness!

DNA Spiral StaircaseI kept wondering how this transformation was going to affect the services that I offer.  “Soul Readings” and “Healing Sessions” are still the same.  However, the big shifts are occurring in the work I do within the Matrix.   It is through mentoring many people in “The Living from Soul Program” that I have come to understand our DNA and the matrix of consciousness that we all exist within. It is not “my” program, I can’t take credit for creating it.  Spirit gave me this process, I have been a student while being the vessel. 

The program is a journey through a spiral staircase into higher and higher dimensions of Self Awareness. The staircase exists within us, it is the spiral helix of our DNA. Over time, I have learned the terrain. I can help navigate the dimensions and planes for one to awaken and fully reclaim “Soul Knowing” but ultimately it is the Soul of the individual who is guiding. I am honored to witness and assist and I am so grateful for all that I have learned through this process!
I will also continue to offer individual Lightbody and DNA Activation Sessions. I can no longer offer these exclusively with the assistance of Max, however, the Sacred Council will include the Universal-collective energies that have always supported us in this process. The Sessions I have done in the last few weeks have been BEYOND AMAZING!  Many people are receiving the same type of upgrades that I have experienced.  
We will also continue gathering for the Global “Crystal Grid” Conference Calls, the next one will be Winter Solstice, December 21st , be sure to join us for powerful meditation, activation and ascension messages!
Through this whole process, the number 33 has been a constant reminder of the energy that is expanding inside of me.  My research revealed this number is the formula and language of our DNA and also the number of vertibrae that we have in our spine, that the spiraling kundalini climb to awaken our chakras and higher consciouness.  My Guidance is so strong about this, I have changed my pricing to align with the frequency of 33.  The Council says “this will keep things spiraling like the fibonacci”.  It also means savings on DNA sessions.   :)
I have put together a website to reflect the transformations that are happening now. It is a work in progress. Currently, it seems to represent the more cosmic experience. I can feel more changes are coming soon. Having cosmic-consciousness and feeling yourself illuminated as a Light Being is awesome but I can feel the need to ground it all back into the every day routine.  I am receiving a lot about “New Earth Relationships.” As we move more into Oneness, the way we relate changes, our relationships are always our teachers.  I will continue to work through on this and other projects. The new site that has the info on DNA Activations and The Global Conference Calls is:
So, onward and upward friends. Watch out for those boulders exploding from the depths of your consciousness. It is time to set all that stuff free and get on with ascending into Light Beings. We have to let go of the lives we were planning to embrace the lives that are awaiting! We are ready. Let’s illuminate and celebrate a new way of living, in love, unity and oneness. It is part of us, we know this feeling, it’s stored in our ancient memories, we have ached for it, a deep Soul longing to return to Knowing. It is time.
~ Nana



  1. I’d really like to read this post but can’t because the yellow print is barely visible on my mobile device. Would you be able to re-do the post in black font? Thanks.

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