imagesCAK192DCAround and around we go, where we stop, only God knows.   Spinning spirals, this is how the energy flows. From our DNA helix to the planets orbits around the sun, we are in a spiral of evolution and it is affecting everyone.  Understanding the spiral will help us all ascend with greater grace and peace within.


Instead of thinking of time in a linear line, imagine a spiral of light traveling around your spine.  See it connecting to the DNA spiral that is inside of you and spinning out energetically all through your molecules.   This will give you an idea of how time really unfolds and how your DNA holds all the stories of your soul.  You are that spiral of light.  In all past, present and future memories, the spiral of light within your DNA holds the keys to unlock your unlimited potentiality, to set your spirit free from what really binds thee to a 3-D “time and space” reality. 

The current state of our 3-D reality is going through a major shift in the spiral of evolution into a more light-body (beyond time) reality.   This is going to open us to our multi-dimensionality, where we understand ourselves beyond one realm of existence.    Your Soul is limitless, it is ever expanding light.  You are not limited to your physical body.  You can soar to greater heights of Knowing and Being than you are when limited to your physicality.  You just have to clear your senses and tap into that light inside, find the spiral and ride. 


When we realize our multi-dimensionality, we see ourselves beyond this physical body and we know we are participating in more than just a singular physical reality.  Our consciousness expands and we begin traveling that spiral of light that is within us.  The doorways of consciousness within our DNA opens and allows us to journey into other parallel realities and other worlds where our soul is participating in various other ways.  We can then see ourselves in the realms of Angels and Ascended Beings and claim the aspect of ourselves that is anchored there participating at that level.  We often meet other souls who are in those realms too and they become our Spirit friends and our Angel Guides.


We can ride that same spiral of light and descend into the lower realms where we can meet with denser parts of our souls.  Here we will often meet our shadow selves; the fragmented parts of self that we have disconnected from and disowned.   There are many gifts in meeting these parts of self and bringing them up the spiral into the light.  It frees more of your soul to soar to greater, more exalted states of EN-LIGHTEN-MENT.


Like day spirals into night and seasons spiral from winter to spring, there is balance and thus polarity in the spiral of evolution.  It is the yin and yang that keeps the circuitry flowing like the positive and negative charges of electricity.   Shadow and light, both polarities are important for evolution to continue.   As the  light expands to its fullest expression, it is the darkness that allows it to see itself and glimpse the potential of how much further it can GROW.


The shadow too then is our friend and we must embrace it to understand how we evolve and ascend.   The shadow will continue to come up over and over again; it is part of the divine plan.   It gives us the mirrors to see ourselves and understand how we can continue to personally expand.


Ever wonder why the same patterns keep appearing in our lives? Haven’t we healed all those childhood issues by now?  How many layers of this stuff do we have to peel away? Then wham, another situation arises that mirrors our shadow beliefs to us AGAIN!   It is the spiral of evolution within you and surrounding you.  What is going on inside your own spiral of light; your DNA, is appearing in the world around you on your own PBS network (personal broadcasting system).  


Every time the shadow appears (through life circumstance), we are given an opportunity to heal our density and expand into greater light.  When you spiral through a healing experience your energy expands and you stretch your light into the shadow.  You then acclimate to carrying more light and you feel exalted and euphoric for awhile.  Then the spiral of evolution will bring another cycle of the shadow (life experience that reflects your shadow beliefs) for you to evolve through again.  The shadow is serving us to ascend


When we resist the shadow we block the natural flow of evolution.  We stagnate.  So how do we embrace the shadow as a friend and not dread it coming around again?  The answer is simple – GET CENTERED WITHIN.  Think about a spiral of energy, where is the still point that is not affected by the spinning frequency?  It is in the center.  This is the place where you can observe the cycles of light and dark in your life and not be thrown off balance by them.  This is where you can ride the spiral and be free from the pendulum swing of polarity.  It is only when we are taken out of our center that we feel any negativity.


Many spiritual people just want to focus on Love and Light, they try to condition their thoughts and train their emotions to negate the shadow and ignore or avoid the situations that the shadow cycles bring into their lives.  They are missing huge opportunities to really be free.  They are resisting part of who they are and they will never be complete.   No matter how hard you try to train yourself MENTALLY, you can not deny you are part of an energetic frequency that spirals through light and dark energies. It is only when you embrace it all and ALLOW it to BE, that you can truly be free to live your life AUTHENTICALLY.


So when the shadow shows up in your life again, through the exchange with a family member or friend, and you are tempted to leave that peaceful place of centered Being within, maybe you will think again.  It’s not about them!  Go within.  Take a moment and ask yourself: “do I need the shadows help to show me parts of myself that might not be whole and complete?”  Do I need to participate in drama and create pain and disharmony to see what I am not accepting inside of me?  Is there something inside of me that still needs to be released?  Do I need to dance this dance again?  Or, can I just observe the shadow in the situation and see that I can use this as an opportunity to act differently and thus I can grow immensely.  Maybe there is more to release. Start by loving yourself completely, even those parts that are residing in density.  Accept yourself fully and you will ride the spiral back into tranquility.  


After doing this time and again, we will get to a place where we can recognize the shadow when it shows up. No matter how well it’s disguised as the drama in our lives, we can look it in the eyes and say “well, hello shadow friend, good to see you again!  I know, you are here to help me ascend.  Thank you for coming around again, I don’t need to lose my balance and begin to spin, I am just going to stay here, centered in peace within.”   J  At this point you will be able to use the shadows energy to see just how far youve come on your journey.  You will feel GRATITUDE for the role the shadow has played in helping you reach these new deeper levels of authentic peace within and you will feel gratitude for every person who has ever played the role of shadow in your life too!  You will be free!


When we can expand and foresee that the shadow is arriving to assist us on this journey, then we can be free to ride the shadows energy without as much pain and tragedy.   Here is a recap and a simple strategy for riding the spiral. When the shadow shows up in your life, choose to RESPOND DIFFERENTLY.  Do not react OFFENSIVELY.  EMBRACE IT AS AN OPPORTUNITY. Every time we respond with more HUMILITY, we rise above the DENSITY.  Live your life AUTHENTICALLY.  STAY CENTERED and do not give into the drama of the shadows energy.  DETACH COMPASSIONATELY.  Go within and ask yourself what you need to feel free?  Maybe you need a good cry or good release, do it RESPONSIBLY.  Remember that you are FREE and that you are a LIGHT BEING who does not want to WEIGH DOWN THEIR ENERGY WITH DRAMA AND NEGATIVITY and then ACT ACCORDINGLY.  Be KIND, GENTLE,COMPASSIONATE and FORGIVING.  For we are all on this journey and not everyone knows that the shadow is their friend, some people are still fighting with parts of themselves that they are hiding within.  Be the LIGHT and mirror ACCEPTANCE OF THE SHADOW back at them.  See how much that helps you ascend and find greater peace within!  It is the only way to truly win over any disharmony or shadow energy in your life.  Rise above the strife and be free. It is a magical ride – enjoy the journey!!!  


Wishing you a peaceful ride on this spiral of life!  



One comment on “RIDING THE SPIRAL

  1. Nana,
    A few months ago I started channeling and one of the messages that came through was: Joy and Suffering are the same sides of the same coin. I asked; “Do you mean, the opposites sides of the same coin?” The answer was, no the same sides of the same coin. I didn’t know what that meant until I read your “Riding the spiral” site and saw the yin/yang symbol. Thank you for the explanation and insight! Also, I had a reading with you when you were last here in Raleigh with Max. I so enjoyed meeting you and after reading your website, I feel much more connected with you. Keep up the great work and if you need a place to stay in Raleigh again, please let me know! I would love to host you.


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