DNA Spiral Staircase

Welcome to The Spiral Stair.  This site is devoted to evolving consciousness. Our intention is to create a portal of transformation that will provide tools, services and information on the ascension process.

We are all ascending. As the Earth spins through her evolutionary journey, we are sharing that spiral ride. From the planetary orbit through shadow and light, to the double helix we carry inside, we are in the midst of a Great Shift. 

We are evolving into Unity Consciousness. The changes are happening, old structures are collapsing.  As we begin to realize that we are all part of the same collective energy, we must govern ourselves and act accordingly.  Because we have been practicing the illusion of separation for so long, it is deeply ingrained in our programming.  To shift our awareness, it takes decoding, remapping of our biology.  

As part of this transformation, we are changing our patterns and the belief systems that have been ingrained in us for years . The Universe will continue to bring the opportunities that we need to see ourselves but sometimes the mirrors aren’t so clear. We have to have courage and humility to see into ourselves, to own our history, to wipe the slate clean, so we can live transparently.  In Light Body Consciousness, nothing is hidden; we are all transparent, which is extremely freeing!  

Even if we do see the areas of our lives that need to shift, knowing how to go about it is not always easy. Replacing faulty core patterns with affirmations or positive actions would take a long time. The healing work that we do does not always have lasting results because we have not reached the core of us where the patterns are seeded in our biology.  When we are working with issues that are based on our outer reality, that which is causing us discomfort or disease, it is like pulling weeds, they will sprout again, until you get to the root system.

33 33 33Our DNA holds the keys, the ancient memories, and the higher frequencies of Oneness.  All of our patterns and belief systems are rooted within the matrix of our DNA.  This is where the transformation needs to take place.  To experience this, we can journey into our own consciousness.  We can implement a great shift in awareness at our core and then allow it to ripple forth into our lives. 

In the big scheme of things, we are becoming Crystalline Light Beings.  Our DNA has crystal encoded molecules that are like mini microchips.  The highest levels of consciousness are stored within them.  Like the caterpillar always contains the butterfly, we have the Light Being stored inside our biology waiting to come alive.  There are layers within our etheric energy field that already yield these Lightbody frequencies but most human beings are still too dense to experience it.  However – that is changing! 

Imagine what we are going through to continue this metamorphosis!  How much will we have to SHIFT!  How much will we have to release as we transform like a caterpillar birthing wings?  It is immense CHANGE we are experiencing. 

No matter where you are on your journey, support is always helpful.  In this process of becoming more conscious and Self Aware, we realize that there are things we need to clear so that we can be free to live in Oneness authentically.  It’s also helpful to get to insights and clarity as to the opportunities the Universe is delivering, a confirming reflection to help see the mirrors more clearly.  Ultimately, we are all seeking to find the True Self and all the gifts that are buried deep within us. 

The Guidance that is provided here is based in Universal Principles of Love, Peace and Oneness. In order to live in a peaceful world, we must love ourselves enough to become whole inside and then share that light in our lives, starting with our families and communities.  We are honored to assist!  As we help each other, we all lift up the Spiral Stair until we re-member where… we are all One.  We ascend, and become illuminated again, with Soul Knowing.  And so it is!